Concrete Sleeper Retaining Wall FAQ's

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1.6m – 60kgs
2.0m – 70kgs
2.4m – 80kgs

1.6m – 1.6m
2.0m – 2.0m
2.4m – 2.4m
If you are placing a colourbond or timber fence on top of the retaining wall you will need an extra 10mm on each side to allow space for the fence bracket, M12 nut and bolt.

For all walls over 1000mm you must engage a Structural Engineer and organize development approval from
your local council. In some cases, you may require approval from a Structural Engineer for retaining walls under
1000mm high pending on what the wall is retaining.

Other regulations may also need to be considered, such as:

  • Minimum distances to a neighbouring property
  • Planning scheme overlays (heritage, flood, acid sulphate soil etc)
  • They must not divert water to a neighbouring property
  • Minimum distances to easements, sewerage pipes and water mains
  • Minimum distances to bodies of water such as lakes, dams, creeks and rivers.
  • In some cases, a retaining wall may be needed instead of a fence between properties.
  • It is the responsibility of both homeowners to build the retaining wall according to Australian Standards
    “Retaining walls can become a matter of dispute if a neighbour experiences unwanted effects from the
    construction of a retaining wall. They may experience water coming into their yard or other effects from the
    construction of a retaining wall. If that is the case, they may lodge a complaint to council and the builder of the
    retaining wall will have to tear it down or make adjustments to the retaining wall to be sure it doesn’t have an effect
    on a neighbouring property.”

You can use 2 x C posts to create corners and angles by placing them back-to-back, clamping them together
and removing the clamp after the concrete has set. In some cases, the corners will need to be tack welded
depending on the weight of the retaining wall.

PCD Optimum Seal will last up to 5 years if they are looked after, to touch up the concrete sleepers you can
purchase a clear solvent based acrylic sealer from Bunnings. Apply this sealer using a paint roller to roll over the
top of your concrete sleepers.

This is the strength of the concrete used. All PCD concrete sleepers reach 55-60MPa which surpasses the
Australian standard of 40MPa.

PCD concrete sleepers carry a 60-year design life if handled and correctly installed.

Please refer to our retaining wall installation guide