Prime Concrete Developments

“The experts in concrete sleepers for retaining walls” 
Narangba, Brisbane

Prime Concrete Developments. Concrete Sleepers Brisbane

Concrete Sleepers

Manufactured with independently tested 55-60Mpa concrete with 2 or 3 x N12 reinforcement bars. 60 years design life. Suitable for straight retaining walls, high retaining walls. garden beds and steps

Prime Concrete Developments. Concrete Sleepers Brisbane

Optimum Sleepers

Introducing our Optimum sealed concrete sleeper range for that ultra modern look. Our range includes: Oakey Brown Timber, Heritage Timber, Onyx Block and Onyx Timber.

Prime Concrete Developments. Concrete Sleepers Brisbane

Galvanised Posts

Our full length steel PFC100 C Posts and UC100 H Posts are hot dipped galvanised for increased durability and are used to hold concrete sleepers upright into position. Sizes range from 800mm-3.6m. 150 PFC C Posts, 150 UC H Posts, UB PFC, UB UC Posts and longer posts can be ordered.

Prime Concrete Developments. Concrete Sleepers Brisbane

Sleeper Accessories

From Socked / Unsocked Agi Pipe to Geotextile Fabric Blankets to Fence Brackets and Concrete Sleeper Grabs, at PCD we have a vast range of great Concrete Sleeper Accessories for all of your residential, commercial or civil retaining wall projects.

Prime Concrete Developments. Concrete Sleepers Brisbane

PCD Civil

Our Civil Installation team have over 20 years of experience in the concrete sleeper retaining wall and fence building industry.

Prime Concrete Developments. Concrete Sleepers Brisbane

Authorised Resellers

Please contact our professional team today if you require any information on an Authorised Resellers in your area.

Unique Manufacturing Process

Superior quality, Narangba, Brisbane

About Prime Concrete Developments

Prime Concrete Developments (PCD) was established on November 30th, 2017. We have over 40 years of experience within the concrete sleeper manufacturing industry. PCD sleepers are manufactured to the highest Australian Standards and engineering specifications. Our world class manufacturing processes, specially designed concrete mix ensures that we surpass all necessary specifications required within the concrete sleeper industry. Based in Narangba, Brisbane, our highly structured processes along with our specially designed moulds are engineered to improve product quality by minimising hair line fractures, increasing concrete strength which results in an outstanding smooth finish with colour consistency in every concrete sleeper manufactured.